domingo, outubro 15, 2006

Project work

Project Work - 6ºA, B, C
English Speaking Countries
Topics: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland,The USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand
Content: (possible)
  • A map of the world (situating the ountry and its capital)
  • The flag
  • Symbols
  • Places of interest (include a monument to peace)
  • Varieties of English or other official languages (examples of words)

Deadline - 17th November

Here are some links to help your search:

1 comentário:

Prof. Teresa disse...

Eh pá! Fico uns dias sem vir e, como ninguem me avisa, fico sem saber que isto está a funncionar e bem. Estou mesmo orgulhosa das minhas meninas!

Beijocas. Have fun!!